The Most Beautiful Lines

When I read a book, or listen to a song, there is always a standout line that defines the story. But sometimes, the story can be filled with them. Do you ever get that?

I just finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and got exactly that. I just had to share them here, in this, my latest post.

None of them should give anything away about the ending.

So here they are, in order of appearance in the book – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and I hope it inspires you to read the book if you haven’t already. The book is not only filled with standout lines, but standout paragraphs, pages, and chapters. The entire book is standout.

– The morning sagged and decided to last for several years.

– Long-legged and blond, with pale caramel skin, she was the kind of woman who makes me wonder if all humans really are the same species.

– I fought the urge to say anyone could make things look beautiful if they had a wallet as deep as a diamond mine.

– The handle stilled in my hand.

(This one needs some context to really appreciate the drama it generates. We’ve just finished a chapter in which our heroine has overheard that the young man she’s been caring for wants to end his life. The next chapter switches to an alternate point of view for the first time, and conveys the shock the (passive) heroine felt, to us, the passive reader)
– I never set out to help kill my son.

– There have been times… when my marriage proved to be somewhat more populated than I had anticipated.

– And finally, my head pressed into the pillow, I cried, because my life suddenly seemed so much darker and more complicated than I could ever have imagined, and I wished I could go back, back to when my biggest worry was whether Frank and I had ordered in enough Chelsea buns.

– There are places where the changing seasons are marked by migrating birds, or the ebb and flow of tides. Here, in our little town, it was the return of the tourists.

– I can tell you the exact day I stopped being fearless.

– He gestured at my minidress, a sixties-inspired Pucci-type dress, made with fabric that had once been a pair of Granddad’s curtains. The first time Dad had seen it he had pointed at me and yelled, “Hey, Lou, pull yourself together!” It had taken him a full five minutes to stop laughing.

– I cannot tell you how much better I felt once I saw the way posh people danced. The men looked as if they had been electrocuted, the women did little pointy fingers at the stars and looked horribly self-conscious even as they twirled.

(When riding a bicycle alongside a running man)
– As I was marginally less proficient on a bicycle than I was at particle physics, this involved a lot of swearing and swerving on my part, and a lot of exasperated shouting on his.

(When sitting in a waiting room in a hospital)
– I flipped through the magazines that somebody had apparently left on the table in 1982, and then pulled a paperback from my bag and tried to read that, but it was impossible to concentrate.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Now get out and read this book!
Oh and you can read my review here.

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