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8½ Ways Not to Procrastinate

Over the last six weeks I’ve been slipping behind on my personal deadlines. It’s nothing serious, I’ve only missed one or two writing targets. Or three.

And I’ve had brilliant reasons: I wasn’t feeling great one day, and more than once I was suffering from night shift hangover. And I had a nasty head cold.

Then there was the night my friend Sarah was in town, and I just had to have a few drinks with her – I haven’t seen her all year. It would have been rude not to.

And there was breakfast with my friends, who I never get to see outside of work; and the farewell drinks for my man and his mate, who’re going sailing for two weeks; and I’ve been working overtime way too much, saving up for some stuff I need; and…

Ok. I’m in trouble.

But there’s a bright side – I’ve been haphazard at my story for so long that I’m in a great place of objectivity. And I really do miss it. I call myself a writer after all.

So with a level of excitement I can’t begin to convey, and with the house to myself for two weeks, I jumped out of bed on Friday (Friday was my Saturday this week – I’m a shiftworker, and no day or night for me is what it is for the rest of the world) and made my plans for the day.

On top of the list are the things I’ve been saving up for – so I’ll just get them out of the way before I actually sit down to write…

1. I need a new computer.
This may sound like procrastination, buuuuut… No seriously, my computer is nine years old. It first died about 18 months ago. A new hard drive thingy has kept it alive, but I’m running on an old, unsupported OS; I can’t use my website building software; can’t get scrivener on it. It’s really serious.

So I bought the new one I’ve worked so hard for, even knowing it would consume me for hours while I set it— oh I see. The computing world has changed in the last decade, it seems. As soon as I plugged it in it worked perfectly. Even the interweb.

Ok then – let’s get writing! Just one more thing first…

2. I also need a printer.
Hey it’s true! I’m almost at the stage where I need to read from hard copy. I told you I’ve been working hard and saving up. And to those of you who know Little Miss Neo-Luddite here, you know this is going to take HOURS to— oh. It won’t initialise without paper.

3. I need a ream of paper.
I could walk to the stationers, but if I drive, I can hatch two birds with one egg and go the long way via the hardware store to buy – oh who cares what I’m buying. I’m going the long way and that’s that.

4. This beanbag is really not good for my writing posture – I should buy a proper chair.
I realise as soon as I drop my hardware purchases on the floor that I just can’t go on in this way. No wonder my back hurts all the time.

So without further ado (because I’m not one to procrastinate) I leave whatever-it-was-I-just-bought and head off to buy a proper chair. For a proper writer.

Fortunately, I found the perfect chair straight away, and this diversion took no time at all. But I’ll bet it’s going to be hard to put together – it was hard enough lugging the box upstairs.

Sure enough, I get the box open and there’s hardly any instructions. There’s no way these wheels just go straight in without screwing, and don’t even pretend the back goes onto the base that easily—

Ok so I got lucky. Chair assembled and sittable-on in under five minutes. Writing is going to be so easy! Now where’s my— hawk. I can hardly move in this room. How did it get so full of junk and boxes and… stuff?!

5. Nothing fits in my office – and when was the last time I cleaned it anyway?
Yeah, let’s not even get into this little procrastination. Suffice it to say, I’ve never found vacuuming so exciting. I vacuumed high, I vacuumed low – I even wiped down the skirting boards (something I haven’t done since my mother stood over me when I was seven yelling ‘clean those skirting boards like you mean it!’ while I cried silent tears of shame).

6. Somehow I’ve run out of daylight.
It must be this hawking winter time thingy. The one where we stop doing daylight savings, so the sun stops doing work. The days just end before they start. It’s not my fault – I tried my hardest.

7. I’ve been neglecting my health – I should buy new runners.
This was my first thought on waking on Saturday (coincidentally, today is also my Saturday (again), as well as being my Sunday – it’s hard to explain my roster).

Why would I be thinking about exercise of all things? I’ve got so much to write – it’s my first priority, not running.

So I head off to buy new runners, new socks, new compression pants – I’m going for a run as soon as I get back home!

8. Now I can finally buy scrivener!
Running?! Did I really say I was going for a run? I’m sure I meant download Scrivener. But first, let me have some lunch, catch up on a nap, do a bit more vacuuming, make a cardboard cover for the printer because I couldn’t find anything at the hardware store (anything cover-like anyway; trust me, I found stuff).

8½. Time for a nice, warming whiskeys (Yes. Plural).
This one only gets a half because it’s obviously just me procrastinating. Ahhh. What a long couple of days it’s been. I’m exhausted, broke, and not a single word to show for it.

I’m not so stupid as to think I’ll write something tomorrow – but only because tomorrow I have to go do an overtime shift to start paying off my new debts. But the next day…

Thanks to http://www.integripcoaching.be/ for the procrastination image!

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