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Residency and Reviews

This week I thought I’d share some more news – first, I’m applying for a residency at Varuna. If you’re a writer you should check out Varuna Residential Fellowships for Writers & Illustrators 2017 here.

I’m sure there’ll be tonnes of applications and the odds of getting in will be long, but I’m already finding it good practice for writing my query letter to agents later in the year. And really, wow! Varuna! In the beautiful Blue Mountains!


Second, I wanted you all to know I’ve started reviewing the books I read. I wish I’d thought of it sooner actually, because I’ve read so many worthy books that should be on this list. But I can’t go back.

Here’s the rules I’ve set myself for my reviews:

1. Try to be gentle

2. Always say something positive

3. Never rate books outside of a genre I enjoy – my opinion would be meaningless and should not be allowed to count against a book

4. Never include a synopsis in my review – it’s frustrating when I  just want to know what someone thought of a book, only to have to click on the read more, wait for it to load, skim through the synopsis that I’ve just read everywhere else…

5. Stick to rating the book, not the genre, the author, or the world at large.

You can find my reviews here on my website.


Just a few more notes before I let you check them out:

1. Some of my earlier reviews are shorter than the later ones so I apologise (for the longer ones or for the shorter ones, read into that how you will!)

2. All my reviews link through to Goodreads but  you don’t need a Goodreads account to see them. If you want to be friends with me on Goodreads, please send me an invite. If you have any suggestions about the format or content of my reviews, please feel free to contact me on my contact page.

3. The aim behind my reviews is to share what’s out there with others – if you love a book I rated low, then maybe you know my other low ratings are worth a read too.

Happy reading!

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