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The 6-Prompt Character Challenge

Brianna da Silva invented this tag, and although she says it’s ‘the lamest tag-name ever’, the game itself is fantastic – each tagged writer shares six points of information about three of our main characters and then tags other writers to do the same.

I’ve picked up the baton from Nate Philbrick – although he didn’t exactly tag me (he didn’t exactly tag anyone).

Even though the rules are short, simple and flexible, have a look at Brianna’s page.

Here goes!


Species: Mudlark.
Contradiction: He’s genuinely altruistic but often doesn’t have a clue what’s going on around him.
Myers-Briggs: How could I possibly make someone take a test I can’t finish myself? But on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Bumpy’s at the top of the five levels: ‘Self-actualization’. He really wants society to be utopic.
Favorite color(s): The color of stinkbugs.
How would he slay a dragon? He’d lie down and pretend he’s dead, hoping it’ll go away. Not because of strategy, but because he just can’t help freezing. It’s what small birds do.
His darkest secret: He doesn’t believe in himself.


Species: Mudlark.
Contradiction: She’s sensitive and insecure, but wants the finer things in life, like shop-bought nests and predigested maggots.
Myers-Briggs: She’s at level two – safety; like Thomas and the other children in Mazerunner, she just wants to live her life.
Favorite color(s): Anything expensive.
How would she slay a dragon? She’d just bat her nictitating membranes at a male dragon, and to a female she’d probably have a nice little talk about the importance of being nice.
Her darkest secret: She doesn’t think anybird could possibly find her attractive.


Species: Seagull.
Contradiction: He’s a seagull – notorious for being selfish and greedy. But he helps Bumpy to become a better bird, and not just because he teaches him how to steal chips and dive-bomb humans.
Myers-Briggs: Just like Scarlett O’Hara vowing never to go hungry again after the Civil War, Steve’s right at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs, at ‘physiological.’
Favorite color(s): The orange of seagull-hen legs.
How would he slay a dragon? He’d mark it with his scent, so all the other dragons would shun it, scared to interfere with Steve’s property. It would eventually die of loneliness.
His darkest secret: He once ate KFC. Hey don’t judge. He’s not proud of it, but he was hungry and a human threw it to him. It was delicious.

So that’s it. I just learnt something about my characters. And this is a double first for me – I’ve never told anyone about my characters, and this is my first blog since I upgraded to WordPress.

Now I choose to tag:

Rebecca Chaney

Cat Coltay – (twitter @CatColtay)

I can’t wait to hear about your characters!

Disco Bumpy


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