Review: Indiot

Indiot by Ana Spoke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so happy to see Isa continue her crazy adventures! Of course she’s matured in the few weeks since her last adventure. She’s worldly-wise now, and can see through liars in a flash… which makes it all the funnier when she falls for the oldest scam on the internet.

Despite the misadventures she endures on her well-intentioned trip to help the poor, Isa retains her warm heart and endless compassion, and also manages to stay truly unaffected by money. She’s truly an inspiration.

Lovers of Shizzle Inc won’t be disappointed – Spoke keeps the story moving forward at the same insane pace and throws a whole new barrage of twists and turns in Isa’s path.

This is going to be the defining series of a generation!

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