Review: Red Queen

Red Queen
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I found it a real effort to get into this book. No matter how many pages I read in a single session, I felt like I’d been stopping and starting, reading only a few minutes at a time. I think it’s because every piece of dialogue was interrupted by an explanatory paragraph, where Mare explains what she’s thinking, why she’s thinking it, or how she got to that thought.

I was never allowed to suspend my disbelief, never allowed to make my own interpretations; I was told what to think and why I should think it every step of the way.

Also I’m not sure how I feel about the way Aveyard ‘cheats’ with point of view. Here’s an example (it helps to know the story is in first person, from the girl Mare’s point of view):

“It’s a cycle,” Cal says, running a hand over the silver handlebars like a proud father. He knows and loves every inch of the metal beast. “Fast, agile, and it can go where transports can’t.”

How does she know Cal’s feelings for the metal beast?! She barely knows him (and what she does know appears to be all lies) and this is the first time she’s even heard of the technology that is his ‘cycle’. She can only suspect his feelings.

Anyway, while I gave up at the three quarter mark, I think anyone who enjoyed The Mapmaker Chronicles or The Medoran Chronicles will love this book too.

And the cover is gorgeous!
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