Review: Paris Lights

Paris Lights
Paris Lights by C.J. Duggan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love CJ Duggan’s writing style: she never resorts to gap-fillers, either in the overall plot or in the character expressions of movement and thought; she’s clearly laboured over every word with love for her craft.

I love the timely and relevant premise for her story – inside the mind of an arrogant celebrity chef. (Although I think my perspective on what was happening might have been skewed differently to regular readers of the genre: some of the intimate things Louis said to Clair made me think CJ was taking us down a path ending in humiliating public rejection, so for me the ending was a welcome and surprising twist!)

My only stumbling block was the sex. While the scenes were a well-portrayed reflection of our times of instant gratification – quick, powerful, loud and almost public – I did have a problem with the roughness, and didn’t like the way Claire enjoyed pain.

That won’t stop me recommending the book to others though, nor to reading more of CJ’s work!

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