Review: Shift

Shift by Hugh Howey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hugh Howey has written of a world so intriguing that all I want is to know everything about it. How did it come to be? Where are they? How many others survived? What was it they survived? I don’t care which questions he chooses to answer, or if he answers something I haven’t even thought of yet. Whatever he writes about the world of Silo, I will read.

Shift lives up to these expectations. It explores an aspect of the Silo world I hadn’t considered (I won’t spoil that here) and didn’t know I was interested in, but Howey has sucked me in even further. I’m suddenly invested in new lives – some of which I knew existed but cared nothing for. Howey has showed me that all is not what it seems, even at the individual level, and has made me feel compassion for someone who is clearly ‘the baddie’.

Even the occasional minor behavioural inconsistencies in characters are not enough to stop the flow. For the first time ever, I’m propelled faster than I can read. This is a true work of art and definitely in the running for Book of the Year on my list.

The only negative thing I have to say is that apparently it all ends with Dust! Noooooooo!

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