Review: A Falling Friend

A Falling Friend
A Falling Friend by Sue Featherstone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I fell in love with this book from the epigraph – it was just the right rhythm and pace, its two short lines touching the human condition, its use filling me with promise.

And that promise was masterfully fulfilled! I honestly identified with the humanity of the characters and adored the writing style – its conversational sentences well-balanced between long, comma-filled rambles and short, snappy statements.

The way Featherstone and Pape introduced the backstory was outstanding and arguably unique: it was well staggered throughout the story and always perfectly appropriate: exactly like learning about a person in real life.

As the story progressed I felt like I was with these two old friends, maybe in a cafe or workplace, as they comfortably talked and laughed and complained and nagged; neither eavesdropping nor qualified to join in; free to interpret their intentions and reactions because I hadn’t known them as long as they knew each other.

The storyline is deceptively simple, appearing to follow none of the usual rules, but it’s a neat trick to push me into investing my empathy with ‘the wrong side’ (no spoilers here, sorry). And then, just when the lives of both girls seem to converge from opposite directions, their lives diverge again, as though at a crossroads, and I found my allegiance had switched to the other side.

Yet when the ‘fall’ gains momentum, becoming obvious in one perspective and remaining oblivious in the other, my beliefs come crashing down again! Ahhh the complexity of social relationships.

And that ending! So daring.

I won this book in a competition run by the authors. These opinions are my honest review.

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