Review: Everything’s Eventual

Everything's EventualEverything’s Eventual by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forgive me, but I’m going to say exactly what I mean here!

If you struggled with The Dark Tower series or The Stand like I did, if you think those stories are outstanding concepts but wish they’d been a whole lot shorter, if you harboured the idea in the back of your mind that Stephen King would do well to read his own On Writing after attempting/struggling/failing to finish any of those, then read this to find your way back on track to the glory that is Stephen King.

I found myself continually amazed at how good a story-writer Stephen King is. Every story in this anthology left me with the feeling of having discovered something rich and deep, something that will stay with me forever. I literally re-discovered the joys of reading that I first discovered as a child reading the likes of Isaac Asimov’s and Ray Bradbury’s short stories.

King is possibly the only writer I know who can re-use his old devices in new ways – paintings that appear alive in It are equally alive in The Road Virus Heads North. Undead characters from the grave are there for a hitchhiker in need in Pet Sematary and Riding the Bullet. The me that went before The Dark Tower would not have appreciated that as much as the me that came after does.

Absolutely outstanding.

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