Review: Always And Forever

Always And ForeverAlways And Forever by Cathy Kelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the story of Leah, an enigmatic woman who works to achieve some kind of spiritual awareness in others, rather than the story of the three women around whom most of the story unfolds, and I liked the the way Kelly downplayed her role.

Leah is kept out of most of the story and she’s very unsubtle when she does appear. In the meantime, we follow the lives of three other women, whose paths eventually cross, and who seem to have no idea of the transparent, obvious and well-meaning motives of Leah’s.

I loved the realism of the characters, with their unrealistic ideas: Mel with her impossible workload, and low self-belief, just waiting to implode; Cleo, full of an intelligence and self-confidence that even her own family finds intimidating; and Daisy. Trusting, happy, centred Daisy. I suffered the most with her, especially during her fog-filled week of self-deluded bliss – it was so perfectly depicted.

Kelly manages to show us these women’s journeys from two persepectives – ours, where we know or suspect the truth and foresee the imminent crashes; and theirs, where they are snug and secure, if slightly unbalanced, and have no idea of the disasters unfolding. And she still manages plenty of surprises for the reader.

A beautiful and well-written saga, with no pat answers or resolutions.

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