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Top Five Books of 2017

Yay!! I read fewer books than last year!!

I know that sounds like I’ve got things back-to-front but I really do read WAY too much to keep calling myself a writer…

I read 14 fewer, to be exact, but it still feels like I read more than a hundred. There were some I didn’t finish (and at least one of these made the ‘read’ list because of the way Goodreads works) and at least two of those still on my ‘currently reading’ list will just have to go into the abandoned list very soon: the height of my TBR pile is not commensurate with our short lives.

It was a little bit easier to pick my Top Five this year though, enough that I can actually contain the list to five (last year I had ten in my top five, go figure).

So, in the order I read them (those of you who know me would be blown away to know there’s only five in my top five list, if I actually ranked the list you would probably have a heart attack), here they are:


sandThe last ‘but what if something goes wrong there’s no air out there’ environment – we’ve done underwater, we’ve done space – how about sand? Yes, sand. Earth has been buried under kilometres of it, and our distant descendants dive into its depths for buried treasure. Read about Sand here


Vivid visualizations and believable premise. Stunning, well-written, and gripping. The struggle of being one of the first female reporters, set in the danger of World War II.   Read about A Letter From Italy here


her mothers secret

Natasha you made it to my Top Five list again! This is another utterly beautiful, moving, and uplifting story about a woman, this time trying to sell make-up because, as with almost everything else in that time, some things were best done by men, apparently. Read about Her Mother’s Secret here


See what i have done.jpeg

Add a new name to the list of the greats, folks: Sarah Schmidt is up there with Joseph Pulitzer, Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe and all the other greats of New Journalism. What a unique take on the True Crime genre. Read about See What I Have Done here


Traitors.jpegWhy are these traitorous companies still allowed to trade to this day? They profited from the misery of World War II and walked away unpunished and rich. Read about Traitors here


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