Review: Each Way Bet

Each Way BetEach Way Bet by Ilsa Evans

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is such a delight! The language is so clear and the silly ‘grass is greener’ style of jealousy between siblings is so real.

Early on there were extra commas and an abundance of italics that tried hard to break my stride, and the dream sequence completely pulled me out of the story – it was too confusing to the reader, and had none of the flow real dreams have (even when they’re impossible, dreams always feel like they’re making perfect sense – instead, I had to check and re-check what I was reading for two pages before realizing I’d been conned).

But Cricket! Oh wow how three year old Cricket makes up for anything! The way this ‘more attractive version of Little Orphan Annie’ swears like a trooper at exactly the right moment had me forever in stitches.

Even better than Cricket’s precocious terrorizing was the flow of conversation during Melbourne Cup day at the Jack and Jill household. It was so realistic it rolled straight off the page and into my head as though I was there – not involved (because that would be way too hard to keep up) but as a fly on the wall, privy to everyone’s perspective and thoughts.

A beautiful, delightful read you can knock over in a day.

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