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I submitted my manuscript!!

…now for the long wait while the overwhelmed publisher gets to me in the queue. Unless I’m the next JK of course. Anyway, back to being serious. I knew I was doing the last tidying of my MS for a real deadline, so I purposely (and painfully) stopped reading for a month – outside of… Continue reading I submitted my manuscript!!


Updates for 2017 Reading Challenge

Back in February I shared my 2017 Reading Challenge choices, and I bet you’re wondering how I’m going!! Well…I’ve finished four of them, and started two more – 15% done for 25% of the year. Not great. It’s not that I’m not reading (I’m actually reading way too much) it’s that other books keep getting… Continue reading Updates for 2017 Reading Challenge

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Why I Still Learn From Reading

We writers hear it all the time “Five Books Every Writer Must Read” or “Young writers should read past bedtime and write things down in notebooks when they are supposed to be doing something else.” And there’s also a lot out there about why we should read (we’ll learn to start in the action, that… Continue reading Why I Still Learn From Reading