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The 6-Prompt Character Challenge

Brianna da Silva invented this tag, and although she says it’s ‘the lamest tag-name ever’, the game itself is fantastic – each tagged writer shares six points of information about three of our main characters and then tags other writers to do the same. I’ve picked up the baton from Nate Philbrick – although he… Continue reading The 6-Prompt Character Challenge

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8½ Ways Not to Procrastinate

Over the last six weeks I’ve been slipping behind on my personal deadlines. It’s nothing serious, I’ve only missed one or two writing targets. Or three. And I’ve had brilliant reasons: I wasn’t feeling great one day, and more than once I was suffering from night shift hangover. And I had a nasty head cold.… Continue reading 8½ Ways Not to Procrastinate

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How Many Drafts Does it Take?

Of course, everybody’s different. For some writers, it runs into triple figures, while others don’t draft at all. I remember learning about the writing process at high school. Now I know you’re stopping me right there: these days, we’re supposed to ignore everything we learnt in high school about writing. Nobody wants to read those… Continue reading How Many Drafts Does it Take?